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Recommendations for Long-term Dental Hygiene From a Blockhouse Bay Dentist

The most important rule with regards to excellent dental hygiene is to make certain that you follow the tried and true mouth cleanliness practices. It is all too easy to neglect these practices but they are recommended for very good reasons.

However, it is not difficult to become too lazy about your dental hygiene routine, and for some of us, that can lead to a long-term decline in standards from which it can be difficult to rebuild good dental hygiene habits.

Here are a few ideas to remember for good oral hygiene behaviour:

  • •Be selective about the dental hygiene products you buy. Cheapest is not always good value and the most expensive does not mean it is the best product available. Ask your dentist for advice on which products and brands you should buy. Often a dentist will have some items for sale in their Blockhouse Bay dental surgery.
  • •Visit a dental surgery on a regular basis. Most people dread going to see a dentist but if you go regularly, they can spot any issues at an early stage and take action while it is still in those early stages rather than developing into a more significant issue over time. This can save you a huge amount of distress in times to come.
  • Your everyday oral health regimen must contain three prime activities. These are the brushing the of your teeth, flossing between the teeth, and finishing off by using mouth-wash. The tooth brush aids the elimination of the larger pieces of food within the mouth, including both the teeth and also on the tongue. The next act is using floss tape which ought to be employed between each tooth. This act removes the smaller items of food that get stuck in between the teeth but cannot be removed by a brush. Lastly, using mouthwash and swirling it around the whole mouth clears any residual harmful bacteria which may be in the oral cavity.•The last point to bear in mind is that most people simply do not take enough time with their oral hygiene. A quick brush with your toothbrush might make your mouth feel fresh but that is not enough in truth. Most dentists recommend that lot of people brush the teeth for about two minutes, floss between each tooth not just the back teeth, and rinse with mouth wash for not less than 45 seconds. These times are far longer than most people generally employ so it is a good idea to have timing device in the bathroom to make sure you follow this advice.

Summing up
If you are diligent and can make these simple tasks a daily habit then you will be improving your dental and oral hygiene which in turn should mean you need less dental work. And who wants any unnecessary fillings which you could easily prevent with simply regular oral hygiene practices?