Auckland Water Damage Repair Company

Auckland Water Damage Repair Company – The Process For Cleaning


Auckland water damage repair companyIn most cases after serious water damage, rebuilding up again can be quite frustrating and tiresome. This is because numerous problems that arise after houses are submerged into the flooding water. The building woods are massively affected and rebuilding immediately after a flood can be catastrophic given the fact that the woods are prone to mould, insect invasion, and wood deterioration. Furthermore, flood water is not clean and, therefore, this calls for materials to be changed immediately. You will need to hire an Auckland water damage repair company.


What is the process of water damage clean up?


Safety First.

Before proceeding on ensure that everyone around you is safe and sound. Ensure that they are safe from fire, falling buildings and from any contamination that may arise from the flooded water.


Contact Your Insurance Company.

Do you have flood insurance cover? If you do, this is your opportunity to contact your insurance adjuster. Do not sit down and wait for the adjuster to arrive, instead take photos. The photos will act as evidence. Go on and clean your house before the assessor arrives so that they can see the damages clearly and make a concrete conclusion on what to be paid. If you are done before the adjuster arrives, it advisable to leave a telephone number where they can easily get it so that they can be able to reach out to you once they arrive.


If you don’t have a flood insurance company covering your home, you might be forced to fix it using private means. The insurance company will tell you when you can contact an Auckland water damage repair company.

Be Mindful Of Your Food And Water Sanitation.

Your health and of those surrounding you is very paramount and until your health department in your local government declares the water source safe it is important for you to purify your water. Don’t only purify water for drinking but also ensure that water for bathing and washing dishes is purified too. There are different ways that you can make your water safe for domestic consumption. Some of these ways include boiling of the water and letting cool before use or use unscented chlorine liquid to purify it.


Check The Electrical System.

This is another step to be mindful about for the sake of your safety. Before entering the house after floods ensure that both gas and electricity are fully turned off. Contact an electrician to check the ground and ensure that everything is running smoothly before reconnecting the system.


Check The Furnishing And The Carpeting.

Right after you get into the house, check the state of furniture and the carpets in the house. Take all furniture, carpets and beddings outside for them to be dried up and then access the damages right after and let them get fixed where necessary and if the damage is too big it is advised you just dispose of them.


Check The Walls.

After everything is cleared off the house, have a look of the walls. The walls play a fundamental role in keeping the building safe and habitable for everyone inside. Therefore there is a need to have a keen look at them. Open the flooded walls and ensure that there is free circulation of air to do away with mold and bad odour that may arise from water being trapped in the walls.


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